The Planet Waves division was started up by D’Addario in 1998.Planet Waves first major project was to design and develop a series of transparent signal-transmitting cable devices.

Bulk_Cable.JPGIn studying the processes involved in the cable-making industry, the Planet Waves team detected that stock cables and connectors were simply being purchased and assembled by most suppliers without giving any consideration to the specific needs of each individual cable application. After a series of tests, numerous stock cables were found by the Planet Waves team to have severe limitations.

Custom integrators will find the Planet Waves instant interconnect system to be an easy-inventory, time saving solution that addresses all their high definition signal connectivity needs.

  ST_Connectors.JPG        RC_Connectros.JPG  BC_Connectors.JPG

This award-winning system enables you to assemble premium quality; custom length interconnects with inexpensive household tools. With our In=Out pure signal transparency you can use the same cable for a variety of signal types, simplifying the inventory you need to keep on hand. You’ll never be caught without the right cable again if you’re working with Planet Waves.

One cable for all signal types. Precision 75 ohm cable with low capacitance for passing both video and audio with no effect on the signal – Sweep tested to 3GHz over 100ft.One cable type allows you to stock a limited amount of SKUs and fulfills all of your requirements. All connectors are designed to work with our one proprietary cable – no multiple connector sizes

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