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Shade Control

Lutron’s Sivoia QS shades are industry leading for their reliability, precision and overall aesthetic. The installers for this home did a wonderful job using recessed shade pockets. This is when a recessed pocket is installed at the top of the window, in the ceiling, to allow the shade to completely disappear when opened.
Wall Mounted "Pico" Keypad. No Wiring or Backbox required.


At this particular house, a combination of wired SeeTouch Keypads and wireless Pico RF controls were used. This is because after the home was completed, extra shades were desired by the homeowner. As the walls were made of concrete, any additions would need to be wireless. Picos are the perfect solution for this slightly unique challenge. With no need for a backbox or wiring of any kind, Pico RF controls were able to be installed where ever they were required.

Scenes & Schedules

A house with as many moving parts and shades benefits greatly from having scenes and schedules setup. It may be desirable for the homeowner to have schedules that ensure all of the shades go down at sunset, or rise at dawn.